Start: Kowary

Finish: Istebna


Date: 11.08.2024

Time limit: 104 godzin

Distance: 400 km

Climbing: 10 000 m

PoKoP robi Sudety! 

We invite you to join us on an epic adventure across the Sudety Mountains. 

We will departure from Kowary, where as a warm up you will have to climb to the Okraj Pass (1046 m above sea level) next you will hit a long descent along the border trail to the Czech Republic. With the Karkonosze Mountains in the background, you will enter the Horn towering over Chełmsko Śląskie, from where you will head towards the Wałbrzych Sudetes. Of course, Sokołowsko will also be on the route. From the grouse, we will head towards Mała and Wielka Sowa to enter the land of “a thousand and one single tracks” near Srebrna Góra… Anyway, there is no point in writing about it if you can ride it in August and see for yourself.