Pomorska 500


Start: Czarnocin               Finish: Gdańsk

Date: 16.06.2022 

  Time limit: 80 h

Distance: 500 km

Elevation gain: 5 000m +

Availability: Limited number of places!


People have travelled along the rivers for ages… but that you already know. What if we decided to not cross any rivers? To bike against them, defy them. Is it possible? For a year we’ve ventured the desolated wildlands of Polish Pomerania and Western Pomerania. Equipped with hydrological maps we’ve looked for routes, paths and tracts that define the Pomeranian watershed. 530km without crossing any rivers.

From the Szczecin Lagoon do the Bay of Gdańsk, no bridges, but close to the nature that will take your breath away. You are hereby invited to yet another biking adventure. We’ll conquer all the hills on the way, detour around all river sources, watch out for tanks on military grounds in Drawsko and gaze on the panoramas of unimaginable beauty.

More details: https://pomorska500.pl/en/


Studenci do 26 roku życia -30% z kodem: STUDENT 


  1. In order to register you must sign inor log in and pay for your participation in the rally
  2. The organizer reserves the right to increase the limit of spots
  3. The organizer plans to release a second pool of spots
  4. When paying, the date and time of entering the amount on our account or the date and time of payment by online transfer (Przelewy24) are counted.
  5. Foreign payment In order to pay from foreign bank account please transfer the money to:
    Leszek Pachulski
    ul. Władysława IV 15/2, 81-703 Sopot
    IBAN – PL95 1090 1102 0000 0001 3544 0948
    Prosimy o przesłanie potwierdzenia płatności na mumin@wisla1200.pl
  6. It is not possible to transfer your spot to another person.
  7. In case of resignation from participation in the rally, the entry fee will be returned to the sender's bank account or to the bank account assigned to the payment card according to the following scheme:


do 31 stycznia 2022 100%
1 lutego – 31 marca 2022 80%
1 kwietnia  – 3 maja  2022 50%
po 3 maja 2022 0%


In order to resign from start, please send an e-mail to the following address mumin@wisla1200.pl from the e-mail address provided during registration.

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