Wisła 1200


Start: Wisła              Finish: Gdańsk

Date: 01.07.2023

  Time limit: 170 h

Distance: 1200 km

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People traveled along rivers for ages. They were natural routes and their always-changing stream thought people respect to the power of nature.

That’s how we marked the route. After covering over 2500 kilometers along both banks of the river, from its springs underneath Barania Góra Mt. all the way to its estuary in Gdańsk, we chose the parts which best show its might and beauty.

The route leads through roads, paths, rubbles and dikes. Riding along busy roads is limited to absolute minimum, to provide safety and comfort of being in touch with the nature and history, which you will not find in any other place in Europe. On your way, you will pass broad old river-beds and flowage’s full of wild birds, sand dunes and sand bars, climatic villages where time seems to have stopped. RMW1200 is not only Krakow, Warsaw, Torun and Gdansk. We will amaze you with beauty and peculiarity of Janowiec, Sandomierz, Zawichost, Plock, Dobrzyn, Chełmno, Swiecie, Grudziac and Gniew and between them- cyclists strive and overcoming your own weaknesses.

More details: http://wisla1200.pl/en/vistula-1200/



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